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  • Recognizing Clinical Burn Out in the Workplace

    Research on clinical burnout within the workplace burnout has been associated with six specific factors. Ask yourself how you’re navigating your specific work environment and if these variables are affecting you…..

    1. Workload: you’re bogged down with an endless to-do list and can never catch up; it feels like you can never get ahead of what’s expected of you. Productivity demands feel endless.

    2. Control: or rather, lack thereof. You feel like you have no prerogative in setting or influencing duties, processes, or deadlines.

    3. Rewards: You feel like you’re being exploited. There is little reward to your work, whether in terms of finances, prestige, promotion opportunities, or positive feedback.

    4. Fairness: Your work environment is hostile or unjust. There is a sense of inequity or imbalance in how individuals are treated.

    5. Community: There’s a lack of support and camaraderie from colleagues and staff. Workers may be silohed in their individual departments and there is a lack of connectedness.

    6. Values: You feel that you are asked to work against your values or feel forced to engage in practices that aren’t fully aligned your principles or clinical expectations.

    If you found yourself endorsing the domains above, chances are that you are at high risk for professional burn out…. Consider connecting with a professional to obtain support.