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  • Couples Therapy

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    How Do I Know If My Partner And I Need Couples’ Counseling?

    Couples’ counseling can be helpful for couples wishing to get support through a difficult time. Couples often experience sticking points or relational distress and can benefit from professional help coming back together or attempting to part gracefully. Couples treatment may also be beneficial for couples who want to learn more about each other, communicate better, and build a secure functioning partnership.

    In therapy, we can address the following issues:

    • Premarital Concerns
    • Problematic Relational Patterns that Lead to Conflict
    • Challenges in Communicating
    • Healthier Ways of Having Disputes
    • Infidelity/Trust Issues
    • Issues Around Sex
    • Family/In-Law Difficulties
    • Parenting Challenges
    • How to Separate/Divorce

    My overall goal is to help couples improve relationship satisfaction and change the behaviors and patterns that lead to conflict, dissatisfaction, and distress. 

    Please note that starting the process of couples’ counseling or marriage counseling sooner rather than later, when there has been significant conflict, betrayal, or abuse, can help stave off additional hurt and help you move faster toward repairing your relationship.